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Hydronic Heating Installation and Repair is Just a Call Away

Without a doubt, the most comfortable way to heat you home is hydronic radiant heating. Dunwiddie Heating & AC, Inc. is known for the design and installation of radiant heating systems in Wells County, IN. Whether you are retrofitting an existing home or business, or customizing a new home, we have the the proven expertise to design and install both boilers and luxurious radiant heat

Radiant heat systems use warm water circulated through PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) tubing in floors or under floors to heat the home. This provides a more constant and even heat than forced air.

Floor heating is much more effective at distributing heat than forced air heating because it delivers heat evenly throughout the space rather from small force air outlets. There is no over and under heating like with forced air systems and there are no drafts and temperature fluctuations. Occupants and pets are more comfortable at lower temperatures resulting in lower heating costs.

Heating service is a call away with Dunwiddie Heating, A/C and Plumbing

A Complete Hydronic System

A good boiler is typically the heart of the system, generating warm water which is then distributed to various zones with pumps and controlled by room or area thermostats. Each climatic area can be controlled separately. There is no real limit to the number of zones available and this results in the greatest control and comfort. We feature the complete line of Weil McLain® boilers which are the perfect companion to a well designed radiant heating system.

In floor heat works well with most floor surfaces, whether it is tile, hardwood, carpets, concrete, laminates, etc. The team at Dunwiddie has the experience and training to properly design your radiant system based on the structures heat loads, the radiant heating method, and the expected floor coverings. Applications include:

  • Slab on garde: Generally for new construct, the PEX tubing is installed within the structural cement slab.
    • Gypcrete: a light-weight thin cement poured over over the top of the PEX tubing typically in wood frame construction.
    • Warmboard: is a sub floor product that is screwed or glued to the wood subfloor with grooves for PEX tubing.
  • Staple-up: Installation of tubing underneath the subfloor in the joist bays.

Call us for a complete load calculation and radiant system design. Anyone that has spent a cold Indiana winter in a warm and efficient radiant heated house will never want to live anywhere else!

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Dunwiddie Heating & AC, Inc. Professional Credentials

Dunwiddie Heating & AC, Inc. has been owned by the Dunwiddle family since 1985. We have decades of experience providing radiant heating and boiler services to our friends and neighbors. Our credentials include:

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